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Aug 8, 2009 5:00am EDT
condiciones más secas en el suroes te, y tenemos desde montana avis de tormenta. afortunadamente condiciones sobre el teérklzéokph@h@teérklp@ >>> el tema de la transexualidad sigue vigente un director en argentina fue apartado de su cargo tras querer cambiar de sexo. >>> la imagen que devuelve este espejo es de una mujer. >>> soy una mujer en un cuerpo de varon. >>> aconsejaron con urgencia los médicos una operación. >>> el sujeto pierde el autoestima, y es cuando la identidad está en contradicción, conmigo mismo, con mi nucleo familiar etcétera. >>> el lazo amoroso que puede haber no se rompe porque me voy a operar, muchas veces se refuerza, porque una persona que decide intervenirse es una señal importante. >>> no todos lo ven de esta manera. >>> me parece una barbaridad que el director de un colegio sea un transexual. >>> y las autoridades educativas ante la posibilidad de enfrentar serios problemas decidieron separarlo de su puesto. >>> quierodemostrar que todos estos medios son infundados, que puedo operarme, y que puedo desempeñarme tanto o mejor que antes. >>> ganó el cargo
Aug 7, 2009 11:00pm EDT
were only around 60 out in great falls and then to montana. our temperature was only two degrees below average, but, boy, is it still dry and it's still delightful. here's the humidity. dew point's in the 7. that's going to be coming our way. a little ripple in the atmosphere. that will produce showers. we've got high clouds coming in on us. as a result with the high clouds not as cool as it's been. right now in and around us, nothing going on radar. the pufl area of high pressure that brought all the wonderful weather moves off. tomorrow back to the south and southwesterly winds. if yo gou and the bay i think the winds will pick up and nice sailing weather and there will be low pressure to our north. a slight chance as we get into the humidity we may see a pop-up variety here, especially if you're heading to the mountains of west virginia. tomorrow near 90 degrees and a bit more humid. look at raleigh. 98. and then 100 degrees on sunday and i think our temperatures on sunday will be in the mid 90s. enjoy the evening. a lot of high cloud. but once again very pleasant temperatures. humi
Aug 7, 2009 8:00pm EDT
, aka hannah montana, allegedly stocked by a man, we have him waiting for hours of a single-glimpse of his teenage love object. >> my name is mark mcleod, i'm from -- near augusta, georgia. i'm miley's number one fan. i'm a little bit nervous. it's the first time i've ever actually been face to face with her. i talk to her a lot, it's kind of like i talk and she responds with pictures. that's the way we communicate. and i just watch closely, i can tell exactly what she's doing. i've been watching her so long, i watch so closely, i know what kind of mood she's in, i know almost what she's thinking about by looking at a picture. it's not that hard if you just observe people, their body language and the way they act. after you watch that a while, you know exactly what they're doing. i'm going to get her flowers and ask her to marry me. i've been to four or five concerts and for some strange reason, things just didn't -- things didn't work out. but they're going to work out today. so it's an exciting day. >> some strange reason? talk about armed security guards, maybe? good even
Aug 8, 2009 12:05am EDT
, hawaii, maine, michigan, montana, nevada, new mexico, oregon, rhode island, vermont, and washington. >> whew! [applause] those are the 13 states where medical marijuana is legal. the rest of the states are dead to me. i will memorize them when they get it together! yeah, connecticut, dead. new york, dead. new england, not a state. listen, i'm not here telling anyone -- i'm not telling you to do drugs, but the commercials that tell you not to do drugs are crazy! right? did you see the one with the dog that starts talking to the teenage girl, just starts chatting her up? dog's like "hey, i don't like it when you smoke pot. you're different when you smoke pot." she doesn't say, "oh, yeah, i could talk to dogs, that would be one difference that leaps to mind almost immediately. you're the dumbest talking dog -- the dumbest and dumbest talking dog i've ever talked to. why don't you ask to be let outside or for more food instead of whining about the very i think this that enabled us to communicate in the first place"? stupid talking dog. i wonder if that dog knows the sign-making dog. the
Aug 8, 2009 9:00am EDT
. there is some cooler weather across looks like montana and up toward boise and we're going to eventually tap into that behind is warm weather that will push into the area started tomorrow. we do have some heat advisories in effect just west of the chicagoland area. so the place to be today, yes, out toward the bay, out toward the beaches. for this afternoon, out toward annapolis. temperatures in the upper 80s with partly cloudy sky. temperatures in the low to mid 90s and out toward the beaches. lo at that. the water temperature really nice. temperatures in the mid 70s. mid # mid-80s today. we'll be in and out of the clouts today. notice this big batch of rain all tied to a warm front. that's going to stay to the nokt of u. high pressure will dominate. tomorrow we'll bring in the wam weather and humid weather. this will last right on into monday. monday looked hot and muggy with temperatures around 100 degrees but eventually this front right here will drop down into the area brings us a chance of a thunderstorm or two and then cooling things down on the backside of that front. so for this aft
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Aug 8, 2009 7:00am EDT
. moisture across the far rockies, parts of idaho montana and wyoming singh storms later today. back inside two and thanks, rick. meanwhile, straight out of the movies, listen to this. a russian attack sub or submarines spotted just off our coast. what exactly are the submarines doing hear to give. >> clayton: and what is sean connery doing there as well. (announcer) your doctor knows tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can. that's one reason why doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. >> so long as they are operating in international waters as we do around the world and are behaving in a responsible way, they are certain
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)